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How does it work?

Refer Patients

Reference, in wortix, doctors can refer patients to each other. With Wortix you are part of an extensive network of medical professionals!

Appointment Schedule

Update your schedule and have your patients make their appointments online.

Virtual Offices

Keep your virtual office available all the time, improve it and share it.

Online dating

Make electronic card payments and deposit the total monthly amount, minus 15% for administrative fees, into your account.

18 of 20 visits for everyday health problems
they don't need a face-to-face examination.

What does wortix offer you?

Electronic payments,
the system collects electronically and the amounts are transferred to your account periodically (less administrative expenses).

Keep your virtual office available all the time, improve it and share.

Wortix can also be used from the phone.

Benefits of working with WORTIX

When you are part of the WORTIX Team you are part of a large network who is leaving its footprint on improving healthcare around the Globe. Also, you enjoy enriching your professional life in company of other team members with a vast realm of expertise in multiple areas.

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