Healthy aging: empowering the silver generation

Healthy aging – Wortix

As the global population continues to age, the concept of “healthy aging” has become a paramount concern for healthcare organizations and policymakers alike. According to a recent survey by the McKinsey Health Institute, older adults (aged 55 and above) across 21 countries share a common desire for physical and financial independence, meaningful connections, and a … Read more

Is your health facility prepared for heat stroke? Learn how IaaS can enhance patient care and response efficiency

Heat stroke – Wortix

Heat stroke is a critical health condition that can lead to severe complications or even death if not treated promptly. With global temperatures rising, healthcare organizations must be equipped to handle heat stroke cases efficiently. This blog post will explore how Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) can help health organizations effectively address heat stroke.  We’ll … Read more

Accelerating vaccine development for infectious diseases: strategic actions for the pharmaceutical industry

Vaccine development – Wortix

The rapid development and deployment of vaccines are critical to addressing the global burden of infectious diseases. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need to rapidly develop a vaccine, prompting a re-evaluation of traditional processes.  This publication explores how the pharmaceutical industry can accelerate the development of vaccines for a wide range of infectious diseases and … Read more

Health economics: optimizing resources in the healthcare sector

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The healthcare sector faces a complex landscape: limited resources, increasing costs, and an aging population. Optimizing resources and efficient management have become unavoidable imperatives. Health economics, or the ability to deliver quality medical services cost-effectively, has become fundamental in seeking a sustainable and accessible healthcare system. In this analysis, we will focus on addressing the … Read more

The Power of Personalization: Tailoring Patient Experiences

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In the contemporary medical landscape, personalized healthcare emerges as a critical component for delivering holistic and effective care. Physicians play a pivotal role in adopting and promoting this practice, which focuses on the unique needs of each patient. Let’s leave behind impersonal and standardized healthcare. Embrace a new paradigm where every patient feels unique, understood, … Read more

How Wortix has transformed patient management for healthcare organizations

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The landscape of healthcare is ever-evolving. New technologies and advances in medicine are transforming patient care, reshaping patient management. Organizations must adapt to meet patients’ evolving needs, desiring access to medical data anywhere, anytime, and seamless communication with healthcare providers. A global healthcare platform can address these needs. These platforms integrate data from multiple sources, … Read more

PFAS: their impact on health

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Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), commonly referred to as everlasting chemicals. Constitute a group of synthetic compounds widely employed in various industrial and commercial applications due to their water, grease, and dirt repellent properties. Renowned for their resistance to degradation and chemical stability, these compounds exhibit a prolonged lifespan in the environment. PFAS have found … Read more

Brain fog during menopause: What is it and how to manage this symptom?

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Brain fog is a common symptom experienced by many women during the menopausal stage. Also referred to as “brain fog” or “mental confusion,” this condition is marked by temporary cognitive difficulties and alterations in mental function. Throughout this period of hormonal transition, some women may encounter challenges in concentration, memory recall, decision-making, and may also … Read more

Seasonal respiratory diseases: How to strengthen your immune system and prevent infections

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As leaves change color and temperatures drop, respiratory diseases become more common. That is why we will explore the respiratory diseases that are commonly found during this time of year. From the flu with its high fever and body aches to the common cold with its sneezing and runny nose, we’ll address the key ailments … Read more